xubuntu Intel 830MG Driver

I have a HP Pavilion N5445 running Xubuntu 9.04 using GNOME. XFCE was much worse with the problem. The display card is an Intel 830MG. After running for awhile the display will start to have garbage all around the screen especially in the fonts. It will clear up after awhile or when rebooted. I have seen posts about this issue but have not seen a fix. Is there nothing I can do about this?
The fix for me was posted recently in this thread.


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  • ubuntu Hide usb drive from other users
    I have a 1TB backup USB drive attached to my system. Every night it does an rsync of all the home folders on the system to that drive. However, all users seem to be able to view the drive and it's contents. I would like only I can see the drive as a mounted drive and not the other users. What would be the best way to do this?Thanks,LukeAnyone?
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    Im trying to install Ubuntu (8.10) on a HP Laptop and I got this...(initramfs) [ 68.592044] ata1: SRST failed (errno=-16)[ 73.620042] ata1 SRST failed ((errno=-16)[ 73.620084] ata1: reset failed, giving upI had to plug in a external cd reader cuz the one in the Laptop wont read what you put in it. Um.. ya thats all I tried..Can ya'll
  • ubuntu Problem with USB mouse
    I've just install Ubuntu 9.04. Everything ok except USB Mouse. The left button and right seem not activate. I don't have this problem in 8.04. Somebody help me?help me? I've just reinstall ubuntu but the error remainPlug out the mouse for 10 seconds as the x session runs.Plug it on back. Hope this helps.Try going to ALT+F1 > System >
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    So I've only used Ext3 and 4 on all my Linux installs and I've had no problem with them, but I'm a little curious what do the other filesystems offer? Anyone here using another FS other than ext? I've always been tempted to try another one.google "file system benchmarks" After a little research of my own, I believe I understand EXT4 to be
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    I just installed Ubuntustudio on my HP laptop and am not getting any signal from two different microphones. First, I plugged in my mixer and tested a condensor mic. I didn't get any signal from Ardour, Audacity or the Gnome audio recorder. I tried seeing if I could find a signal using the Pulseaudio meter, but no luck. I tinkered with capture
  • ubuntu UNR 9.04 WiFi stop working after install a deb.
    After install to deb packages with synaptic, the WiFi card stop working. Sinply turn it off.After reboot, the ifconfig don't show the wifi card, and the lsmod don't show it.As a collateral effect, the .gnupg dir was locked, owned by root.The lshw -C Network show this: Code: *-network description: Ethernet interface
  • ubuntu nVidia 8400M - Desktop Effects broken following update to Jaunty
    HP Pavilion notebook at nVidia 8400M. Just done a full reformat and clean installation, and installed nVidia driver 180 via Hardware Drivers. When I try and enable desktop effects via Appearance, I just get a dialogue box saying "Desktop Effects cannot be enabled."Ironically I'd be running Jaunty Alpha & Beta etc via a dist-upgrade
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    Hello, I have Gnome-Do with the Docky interface installed. It works just fine, in fact it's awesome, the only problem I have is when I try to minimize a nautilus window it doesn't minimize to Docky, it just disappears. to restore it, I have to add the old application switcher back to my top panel then restore it from there. Is there any way to get
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    Hello, I have a toshiba satellite which has an Intel Extreme 2 Graphics card. I am trying to get Cedega to run and I get a video card error. Quote: videocard: error: unsupported videocard vendor: Tungsten Graphics, Inc I am hoping to get this fix soon so thxs for any help ahead of time. Here's my xorg.conf Quote: #
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    Am I the only one experiencing this? I have a fairly good internet connection (DSL), but for some reason when I go to gnome-look.org it never loads. I have visited the site in the past and decided today that I wanted a new theme and I can't get there.Edit -> Whoops, sorry for the stupid title. I'm tired and didn't pay attention when writing it.I
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    Hi, I am not new to _buntu, as I previously used Kubuntu. Unfortunately Kubuntu failed on my other hard drive. It was already a shakey hard drive and install, it wasn't a big surprise when it failed.I am new to Gnome, and Ubuntu.I am using:Ubuntu 9.04Here's what I have done in the past 4 hours:- Wiped out my Windows XP Home edition hard drive with
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to use Rhythmbox to find the lyrics of the song currently being played in the same way amarok does?Yea , there's a plugin for it , I haven't been able to get the stupid thing to work tho'so yes and no or honestly I don't know.That probably didn't help you very much , I'm sorry I suck.can you at least link me to
  • ubuntu ubuntu boot logo messed
    i tried editing the startup manager to make it higher resolution, and it messed up the colors (made it negative). i switched it back, but the colors are still messed up....When you make changes to usplash, the splash screen, you should run in an Applications-->Accessories-->Terminal: Code: sudo update-initramfsi cant figure out what to do
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    I installed kubuntu 9.4 64bit on my dell inspiron 1501. I'm having trouble getting on the web. I've been searching through post after post and the documentation pages as well. Its been two days and I just want the thing to work. I don't think I need the ndiswrapper utility because I can see other wireless networks in my area. I'm trying to
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    hey guys,just been looking around at other stuff to put on my computer haha and i ran into fedora and just wanted to know what the main difference (if any) that there was between it and ubuntu as they look the same and appear to have the same basics...i tried out fedora recently and as far as i could tell, for the basic user, the only difference is