ubuntu Bios clock keep changing with incorrect time

How do i stop ubuntu from changing the bios clock?
probably is not ubuntu who's changint the bios clock. i believe your board battery is dead and thats why the date keeps changing. do you have xp partition? does xp keep the time right? if you dont have one or it does not i'll bet you'll have to buy a new battery.
Are you dual booting between Windows and Ubuntu? If so, does the time only change when you boot to Windows and later on back to Ubuntu? Or does it happen when you boot to Ubuntu, shut down, and then boot to Ubuntu again?
no windose on my notebook

only ubuntu

and i don't think the battery is gone because it only does this with ubuntu
how do you know that? if you do not have another os, i dunno how can you tell. or do you have another distro?
What is the make and model of your computer?

And how long have you had it?

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